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"It's not easy to make people laugh while they're on the edge of their seats, but Lourey pulls it off!"

-Booklist, on November Hunt (starred review)

Learn more A Murder-by-Month Mystery

Mira James' life is perfect. She's just consummated her relationship with Johnny Leeson, she's a freelance investigator for a local attorney, and she hasn't uncovered a dead body in nearly two weeks. That lucky streak comes to an icy halt when she joins the reopening festivities at the Prospect House, Battle Lake's oldest structure. Mira is covering the event for the Battle Lake Recall when she ice skates over a corpse frozen into the lake in front of the mansion. When Police Chief Gary Wohnt is shot in a seemingly unrelated traffic run. he and Mira must form a reluctant alliance as she becomes his eyes on the ground, uncovering a web of lies and murder that date back over a century.

ISBN: 978-0738738758

February Fever coming January 2015

"...successfully combines humor, an intriguing mystery, and quirky smalltown characters!"

-Publishers Weekly

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